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The fundamental character of American democracy.

While Tocqueville published his magnum opus Democracy in America nearly 182 years ago the unique cultural and political characteristics of Americans remain even to this day. When the United States was founded it was considered a radical experiment in democracy compared to the old monarchies of Europe. Now the US is considered by other first world countries to be somewhat behind politically as the US clings to old traditions and ways of governance. Is this a bad thing it is difficult to say.

The Role of the State in Modern Life

This weeks reading focused primarily on the the emergence of the new american government with the constitution as its primary document. Then and now interpreting the constitution and arguing about what should and shouldn’t be done is pretty much an american pastime. What struck me as interesting as the same concerns these early american writers had about tyranny and the interpretation of the documents Americans today still share these concerns. The goalposts have shifted and new issues have entered the forefront but the debates remain relatively the same. What is the proper role of the state? Has our government grown monstrously beyond what the founders intended or is our current system outdated?

Harriet Tubman’s daring raid

“This is about what all through the night and morning of June 2 when Harriet, Montgomery and the colored soldiers overran the Combahee.” Conrad Earl. In this brief summary of a daring raid led by Harriet Tubman and Colonel Montgomery is an exciting look at a lesser known skirmish at least for me during the American civil war. Despite what some historical revisionists say the US civil war was about slavery and it was great to read a story of Harriet Tubman in action.

Lambert Reading Week 3

I found this weeks reading on the evangelist Whitefield to be most fascinating. His rise and use of the media showed a very savvy understanding of marketing and the best way to target crowds and demographics. In many ways he reminded me of the american born evangelist S. Parkes Cadman who was one of the first to heavily use the new radio technology in the 1920s and 1930s. All and all it was a interesting read and a glimpse into the 18th century that I had not previously read about.


Introduction and the Study of history

So a little bit about myself I am a history major who is interested in entering the education field. The study of history I think is very important due to its wide ranging effects on the society we live in today as well as providing a window into what people went through in the past. Learning about history can allow you to make better informed decisions based on events and is helpful  for expanding your horizons and perspective on different matters. This is important due to the fact that there are rarely simple answers or black and white reasons as why to events occurred in the past.