Scalar Work 4/24/18

Added more text to the pages Red Rose and The Popular Wobbly.


Archive Research 4/16/18

Went through and scanned over 15 new pieces of media from various newspapers including the Daily Worker and the Industrial Worker. All of this new media will be incorporated into the Scalar in order make the presentation more exciting.

Scalar Work 4/14/18


Uploaded lots of media from my last archive visit namely IWW related pictures as well as some other great ones that were stored on my phone. Inserted the pictures into the text in order to make the page more visually appealing and to add flavor to the historical event. I have primarily been focused on that aspect of the project as well continuing to write more on the quotes I have up as well continuing to look for more media to make the the Scalar even more exciting.

Archive Visit 4/11/18

Met up with the group at the CF&I archive to continue research and find more media which our scalar at the moment has real shortage of. We believe that with more media as well as looking at more primary sources that the archive has we will be able to construct a better scalar. The utilization of more media will make our scalar more visually appealing and also make our research more effective.

How to insert pictures into a Wordpress blog.

The best way to insert pictures into your blog is to click on the add button on the far left side of the toolbar. Then you need to click on media. You need to then upload pictures to your wordpress account either from your own computer or from Google if you have a Google+ account. After the pictures are uploaded you can just put them in your blog. Woman-with-a-Parasol