Lambert Reading Week 3

I found this weeks reading on the evangelist Whitefield to be most fascinating. His rise and use of the media showed a very savvy understanding of marketing and the best way to target crowds and demographics. In many ways he reminded me of the american born evangelist S. Parkes Cadman who was one of the first to heavily use the new radio technology in the 1920s and 1930s. All and all it was a interesting read and a glimpse into the 18th century that I had not previously read about.



One thought on “Lambert Reading Week 3”

  1. When i read this article I kept wondering how Whitefield was able to successfully preach and maintain a following from so many people. I guess i didn’t really realize how his use of the media had a big part of that. In a way I think that relates to our modern day media and how people follow and idolize a lot of celebrities. You have a really good point.


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