Economic issues related to automation in the american economy.

As the economy changes due to vastly increasing technology the threat of automation looms over many workers in the United States. While many US workers are no stranger to automation recent developments in AI and software engineering now make even supposedly safe white collar jobs under threat. Self driving vehicles stand to disrupt the massive transportation industry in the United States and its unknown if new jobs that are tech related will be created in sufficient quantities to replace existing workers. What will the US do in the future as unemployment continues to rise? Will we go down the road of more government programs? Or will the US attempt to do nothing and watch the economic model revert to serfdom?


One thought on “Economic issues related to automation in the american economy.”

  1. I enjoyed your blog for this week considering the fact that it’s an every day question for The future. To me it all kind of asks the same question for jobs like bankers in Creptocurrency becomes a serious form of spending money for society.


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